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School fundraising Christmas cards and calendars from Dynamic Print, Norwich


We have been producing Fundraising Christmas cards and Calendars for schools for 11 years. Here are some ideas to help inspire you!

Block Printing Christmas cards

Printing blocks can be created by scribbling designs using a pencil or a ball point pen into a thin polystyrene sheet. This creates a printing block which can then be inked and printed. If a multi-coloured print is required, it is necessary to produce more than one block, depending on the content of the design. Multiple prints using the block(s) can be made to build up a pattern. To add interest to the finished print rotate and print several times on one sheet.


Cut Paper Collage Christmas cards

Children can draw and cut out from card, templates for the images they intend using their design, holly leaves and berries for example. They can then use the templates to draw around onto a range of coloured papers. These outlines can then be cut out, arranged and stuck down onto backing paper using diluted PVA adhesive. Children could be encouraged to provide a focal point in their design e.g. one gold leaf that stands out from the others.

Paper Batik Christmas cards

This technique is a development of wax resist. The whole design, image and background, is worked in wax crayons. The technique is most successful when the wax crayon is applied thickly and evenly. The finished design is repeatedly 'screwed up' to acquire a cracked or crinkled effect. Next, the whole design could be flattened using hand pressure and brushed with a layer of water based colour, dark colours work well.


Wax Resist Christmas cards

There are many variations of wax resist work and it is suitable for introduction in KS1. The design is drawn with wax crayons followed by applying 'Brusho Colour', a Redimix or a powder paint wash, or diluted drawing ink. The activity introduces children to working with mixed media, colour, shape and pattern.


Tissue Paper Collage

Using coloured tissue paper and a wet mix of cellulose paste (wall paper paste without fungicide) children can produce fascinating overlay designs by pasting cut or torn pieces of tissue onto a sheet of cartridge paper or thin card. The tissue could be pasted under and over to produce the most interesting effects, this mixes colours and tones as each piece overlaps another.

Cotton wool Christmas snowman complete with twig arms. Printed by Dynamic Print school Christmas card service
Cotton wool Christmas snowman. Printed by Dynamic Print school Christmas card service

We print collages too!

Penquin on a School fundraising Christmas card designed by pupils

COTTON WOOL and STICKS make stunning results. Dynamic are happy to process these cards!

Other companies aren't!

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