School Christmas cards

School fundraising Christmas cards and calendars from Dynamic Print, Norwich

All our Christmas cards are printed on 100% Cyclus recycled card.

Children's drawing of a reindeer for a fundraising Christmas card for their school complete with cotton wool detail


These instructions should help you with your school fundraising.


Please ensure that all artworks, mounted or unmounted, are A4 in size (297mm x 210mm). Artworks larger than this cannot be reproduced. Images will be enlarged to fit the cards if necessary.


The designs can be either portrait or landscape. Images covering the entire surface of the paper really work well.

Bold colours always work the best!

If white paper is not used, then the colour of the paper (including off-whites and creams) will be reproduced. Everything that is visible on the design e.g staples, anything on the reverse showing through, crinkles in the paper, smudges etc. will be reproduced (unless it can be avoided).


Please do not stick or write the childs name on the front of the picture unless it is wanted as part of the design.


Another thing Dynamic do that others don't!

You want to use cotton wool? You want to use sticks and leaves?

NO PROBLEM! Any odd requests? PLEASE ASK!

  • Important tips to make a note of when supplying artwork for Christmas cards...

    Please make sure the order form is securely sellotaped to the back of the artwork and has been placed with the arrow facing to the top of the artwork.

    We cannot guarantee that the very edge of the image will be printed. This means that in some cases approximately 2-3mm will be lost from the edge of the picture.

    Please ensure that any pastel/charcoal drawings have been fixed (with either fixative or hair-spray) as they may smudge during the production process. Please avoid putting any artworks into plastic wallets.

    Christmas card lettering


    need to be reversed.

  • Glitter & flourescent colours, please don't use these...

    • FAINT/PALE pencil crayon lines/shading -----------
    • FLUORESCENT or NEON colours ---------------------
    • METALLIC colours -------------------------------------------
    • GLITTER ---------------------------------------------------------

    These don't reproduce & detail will be lost

    Colours go very flat

    Reflect scanner light & are black when printed

    This ruins the scanner and gets everywhere!

  • What do Dynamic Print supply for Christmas cards for schools project?


    This is the envelope that is supplied for each class. The children’s artwork goes inside and on the outside the Teacher has to fill in the Child’s name, how many packs they want and whether they are paying by cash or cheque and the total amount received.


    This is the order form that is supplied for each child. It goes on the back of the childs artwork with the arrow indicating whether the picture is to be landscape or portrait. The parent has to fill in the quantity required and how they would like their childs name to appear on the back of the card.

    Let Katrina know how many of each you require:

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Fundraising Christmas cards for schools is a dynamic service!

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